eco-responsibility and sustainable engagement

In today's world and society, we need to reconnect with nature and our essentials. We need to be responsible hosts and travellers, respectful and open to what and who is around us. In this spirit, we offer you different things and notably: 

  • Organic and local products, to be delivered on Friday evening upon request. Mainly fruit and vegetables from the neighbouring farm au Vert'denne, cheese and yoghurt Vert Eden Fromage made on site by the owner. Farm shop open on Saturdays.

  • Nature walks or activities around the gîte and in the language of your choice, in the company of Barbara, a passionate local guide.

  • Suggested walking or cycling routes from the gîte (closed shelter for bikes, which are welcome).

  • A vast garden surrounding the gîte, where the fauna and flora have all their rights.

We have worked as a family for 3 years to renovate and fit out the house next to ours and offer you practical, warm and authentic accommodation.